So, this is nice!

Birthday cuddles for daddy

We arranged a while ago to travel over to Lincolnshire to see Tom’s family for his birthday weekend, first family overnight away adventure!

I was a little worried how Leo would take to sleeping in a new place and the long journey etc.. Didn’t need to be, he slept in the car beautifully and slept like an angel in his travel cot. The only issue we have encountered is me!

I’ve been fighting a cold since Monday and that decided it wanted to get me on Friday so I’ve been doing my best to save that off, I seemed to be feeling a lot better on Sunday morning but then I noticed I had developed an overly sensitive left breast and realising it was quite hard too.. The dreaded mastitis starting was my guess.. So deautifully massaging and feeding off this breast and it’s helping a lot and I assumed my right breast would be OK as it’s the quieter of the two anyway.. Big mistake

Right boob is like a lead weight and will not soften. Both are incredibly reluctant to empty using the express machine and right side is now exceptionally bad. It’s now early hours Monday morning and nowhere around here would have anything I wanted even if it was open. I am not sure how I can express on the way home as I will need to plug the machine in, will have to see if there is a mothercare near here and buy a manual pump as three hours is too long to go without pumping and Leo won’t take enough off me in the day in one sitting to drain them!


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