First experience of separation

Enjoying his grandma time

So today I had another keep in touch morning at work, finishing off the one to ones I didn’t do last week when I was working from home. This time however, I went into the office and Leo stayed at home with grandma she-she.

I wasn’t really worried as he is such a reasonable baby, mum is great with him and I had left a good stash of milk but it is the not knowing how it’s going that makes the anxiety build up the longer you are away. We agreed before I went in that she would only message me or contact me if she was struggling.

I left at 9am and returned by 1.30pm and everything was absolutely fine. Mum had done a sterling job and he was happily cooing away in his pushchair with his mobile that absolutely fascinates him.

Apparently he had been wonderful. They had been for a walk in the park, spent some time on his play mat, been sleeping and generally just being a happy little chappy for her. Brilliant

I got a shock this morning too, placed him on his tum for some tummy time and he rolled himself into his back. Thinking it was a fluke, I turned him over and he did it again.. He hasn’t done it since but it was pretty impressive to see and made me a proud mummy!


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