Our beautiful little bruiser weighed in at 13lbs today. He was 12lb 9oz on Monday! The tongue tie can’t be affecting him too much!

I can’t remember if I mentioned him rolling from his tummy to his back yesterday, he did it twice but hasn’t done it since! Muscle man. We had our 6 week sign off today and doc said all is good and we have a lovely little man who is big and strong and doing really well 😍

We had our first baby sign today, Leo slept through a lot of it but it’s about me learning the signs for now.  We have to practice hello Leo, milk, more and all gone at the moment so I’m really looking forward to getting those done regularly. Grandma she-she and G-pops are in on it as well as us!

As each day goes by, I realise more and more what a beautiful soul this tiny little person has and it makes me so proud. He is perfect and just compounds my love of my relationship with Tom and how beautiful we are together as a team. Leo completes us in a way we didn’t even know existed in our already perfect little world xxx


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