Baby led life!

Still an unhappy little man today. He pooped first thing and was fairly settled whilst I had my breakfast but then it went downhill rapidly from there. I couldn’t even put him down without him screaming and when he was feeding he would screach in pain.

Leo just isn’t an uptight baby and it really bothered me. I was meeting my friend in Knutsford at 9.30 and he did actually drop off in the car and then stayed asleep in his buggy for the two hours I was with her. I assumed he would wake a much happier little man, this wasn’t the case.

I nipped round to see another one of my friends who lives near town and he slept in the car to hers but then woke when I was there to feed. He was still incredibly unhappy and crying out whilst feeding. Her house is just up the road from our doctors so I called in and made an appointment.

We couldn’t get in until later in the day so I came home and fed him again. This time he was a little more settled and had a nap on my tummy, I managed a quick nap at the same time. When we returned to the docs he was much more his normal self, he let her examine him and strip him down without any fuss whatsoever.

The conclusion is that he is just backed up, he was clearly straining. She mentioned that it could be the gripe water so try coming off it unless I’m desperate. She doesn’t recommend giving him anything else to push it all through and to just be patient.

I left there and by the time we go to the supermarket he had pooped again and it had leaked as always. It was a pretty impressive, bright green poo too.. Obviously this made me worry but it could be the gripe water causing that amongst other things so will just monitor.
He has also pooped again since I have been home and that was normal and he is definitely happier. He has now nodded off whilst feeding so fingers crossed he will be a happy little spud tonight!

I have my first keep in touch day for work tomorrow, I’m doing it remotely as I’m not ready to leave him and equally my mum isn’t ready to have him all day unsupported.

Tomorrow is a test run for all of us!


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