Absent Father

Sarah reminded me last night that I haven’t blogged for ages. I am rubbish at keeping writing habits going.

Over the weekend I got drunk with the guys from NCT and it basically seems like a total waste of my time. Not that the guys aren’t awesome, because they really are. But the hangover and general loss of useful time and time spent with my family more than counteracts any enjoyment I got from it.

Last night I made Leo cry actual tears. It was horrific. So I cried. I don’t think it helped but it was so upsetting, poor little man. He was just uncomfortable for some reason and Sarah obviously has to put up with such things all day whilst I’m at work. 😔

Seeing Leo smile is pretty much the best thing ever. He does it almost every night when I come home now, and it makes my heart explode every time. He’s just so gorgeous. Parental bias makes me laugh a lot, clearly other children are just as perfect according to their parents, but Leo is obviously better than all the others. 😉

Sarah came to the conclusion over the weekend that the best thing to do when it comes to parenting style is just to do what feels right, not what the internet tells us is right. I’m inclined to agree. 👍


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