I might get around to this at some point!

I keep writing a post and not quite finishing it and then it becomes outdated as I refer to a yesterday that was days ago.

We have had an interesting few days. Poor little Leo has been struggling with wind, a few nights ago he was waking me every half an hour or some, farting then settling again bit feeding every two hours.
I have since has some joy with swaddling whilst feeding lying on my side and then he is easier to manoeuvre into his crib with less disruption. The swaddling keeps him from semi waking himself when he throws his arms around and then there aren’t the farts.  I have relented and attached the Co sleeper up to so that it potentially makes the move from my bed to his easier, although it’s not quite high enough unfortunately..

I have also started doing something else I vowed I wouldn’t and I am having him in bed with me in a morning once Tom has gone to work and we get an extra two hours or more from 5am this way.. It’s funny how I am basically doing everything i said I wouldn’t.. But there you go!

He has been quite unsettled today, hasn’t slept really at all and randomly kicked off and cried real tears, which never ever happens! He hasn’t pooped for a couple of days so may be related to this, very distressing 😔

Who knows what the night will hold. I am mentally preparing for a tough one but we shall see, fingers crossed it won’t be!


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