I need to clean up my act

I have done nothing but eat rubbish for at least the last 4 weeks and it’s getting me down today. There is only so long you can tolerate it without feeling unhealthy.

I need to go cold turkey but I also need alternative snacks that I can just grab rather than have to make as I’m pretty much never in a position to make anything during the day.

I just feel unclean, my skin feels dry, my body feels sluggish and I generally am not enjoying it. We haven’t been eating well at night either as we put Leo into darkness at 7 then it’s a race against time to get to bed. We made a lasagne at the weekend that lasted us until last night and I just threw together a sausage casserole whilst Leo was sleeping in his carrier and that should last a few days.

I really am missing my healthy diet and I can’t wait to get to the point where I can entertain Leo with toys and activity mats whilst I make myself stuff.

We’ll get there I’m sure


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