Hungry baby

Check out the chin!

I have finally accepted that the fidgeting and noises at night are down to him being hungry. As much as I would rather not just get an hours sleep between feeds, it is what it is and yet again, acceptance here is key.

The other trap I was falling into was assuming we had a routine established. We didn’t and basically I need to just reset the day every morning and just go with the flow. We are having successful outings now so we are progressing in different ways and that’s what it’s all about.

Tom is in blue!

This morning was Park run. Tom had started doing this pre Leo and he really enjoyed it so we thought we would try get back into it as it’s only up the road and not as if we get a weekend lie in any more!

Tom will eventually run it with the buggy when Leo is stronger. I could threaten to do it I suppose, but running really isn’t my thing… Never say never though I suppose


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