Cranial osteopathy

I am big into all sorts of therapy, be it massage, acupuncture, physical, chiropractic etc I think they are all invaluable to physical and mental health..

Why should a baby be any different? It’s just been through an incredibly traumatic experience of being squashed, pushed and eventually in Leo’s case, pulled out by the skull until exposed to their brand new world.

My sister used cranial osteopathy on her middle child as he suffered terribly with colic and it can be down to the plates in their head pinching a specific nerve.

Whilst Leo didn’t have a specific complaint, this apparent discomfort whilst asleep bothers me so, for the sake of a trip out and a few quid, I booked him in. The osteopath was impressed with how good his head was after the kiwi suction and labour as long as ours. There was a slight misalignment in his skull but she suspects that most likely occurred when he was turning from the back to back position.

The main area of note was around the sternum area, most likely caused when he went to cry whilst still in the birth canal. She said that this can cause slight tension in the digestive system..

Since treatment he now is really quite adept at bringing his wind up. Previously, if he was going to burp it could take half an hour,  now if he is going to, it’s immediate.


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