Little grabby porker

Fat and grabby

So, whilst he was a little monkey in the night expecting his daddy to entertain him for two hours! He has been lovely today, we met my sister and her friend for lunch and then went on to the breastfeeding clinic in town.

Free cake for mummy and a weigh in for chubby chops. He has gone from 9lb 1oz to 10lb 2oz in 10 days; good work LeoB

He is currently having a right good dreaming session on my chest, a regular occurance over the past week or so. Very cute but also annoying when you just want to have a kip.

He is actively grabbing things today and holding on. My straps on my top, my stray bits of hair (ouch) and his play mat toy. This is considerable progress in my mind, I now see how mothers love makes you see everything as a reason to be proud!

The loss of intimacy (or gain of a new kind?)

I have touched on this here before, but I was talking to one of my friends today who has just had a baby and she raised the same point. The first time you have a baby, the impact on your life is unimaginable and I don’t think anything can prepare you for that.

I feel that Tom and I have adapted well, it helps that we have such an incredible relationship and we always talk about our feelings, positive and negative. We have just changed our view on what is intimate and grab any opportunity to have a moment; be it the briefest embrace, stroking of a foot whilst one of us is on baby duty, a quick cuddle when we see each other or before he goes to work,  foot massage whilst I’m feeding etc.  Currently we can’t have it any other way, so making these small things special makes all the difference.

I had my concerns pre birth about how it would affect our relationship, something we discussed a few times so we were prepared. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss us before, but this is the new us and we just get stronger each day and seeing our little man grow is just making it better and better at every step.

The key is the same now as it ever was. Communication, trust, respect and love.. What more could we ask for?


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