So much sitting

Middle of a field feeding session
Under a tree, post feeding!

For an active person, I think the biggest shock to the system is the amount of sitting involved with a newborn. Even when out doing something active, you still have to do a lot of sitting.

We went to the crocky trail with my sister and her little tribe yesterday. Was a lovely day out but a bit too long, Leo was incredibly grumpy by the end of it and basically had a meltdown in the car on the way home; we had to stop twice and even then he would only settle for a short time.

We had been out from 10am and didn’t get in until almost 4pm. Bearing in mind little man is used to lots of cuddles, I think he was missing those. Lots of cuddles later and we had a happy little lion man again.

Today we have stuck to our routine and he is a happy little bunny now. Possibly coincidence, who knows with babies.

We may have solved the car issue, dad doesn’t like his petrol kia so we will see how it compares to the Clio for space and may just swap for 10months until the clio can be returned without taking the negative equity hit! 👍


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