Duvet day

We woke up to torrential rain this morning, forecast to last the entire day. So, we started out with a feed at 6.30 and then back to sleep until 9.30. We then lazed around, ate some doughnuts (me initially) and then had some coffee and sterilised some kit.

My coffee buddy

He managed to nod off in the kitchen to the soothing tones of the extractor, helped by the fact it still wasn’t fully light.

The angle he was at on the bouncer, I could see right up his little nose and it was full of crusty snot, poor little man. This of course was just an invitation to a fidgety mummy to try and remove the obstruction. Well, that turned out more satisfying than I could imagine! This was the result of my toils:

Almost as big as him!

Then we have basically sat and watched spooks on Netflix and slept and posed for photos! Oh, I did sneak a shower in somewhere! 

Prepare for cuteness overload.

Post shower snoozing
And some more snoozing
And some more…
And just when I thought he was awake
Mummy’s frown


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