The fog is lifting

I feel so much better today, whether it’s a temporary reprieve or not, I’m taking it. I feel like I’m getting to grips with managing stuff and being more self sufficient. My baby sling makes doing odd jobs around the house possible whilst keeping Mr fidget pants entertained. I made myself a smoothie whilst carrying him and he settled in his bouncer for half an hour which gave me the opportunity to do some tidying.

The most mundane of tasks is now a nice break and feels like a huge achiement. Today I have enjoyed myself, a good morning of small goals achieved and then a lovely afternoon with all but two of the NCT ladies. It’s great that the group are all fantastic and we get on really well, having their daily support and regular input into each others lives and situations makes such a big difference, it really has been invaluable.

Sailor Leo, ready for his ladies
What’s a few weeks between friends

The sailor outfit lasted all of 10mins before he was too hot! But he looked like a cutie pie on the journey down!


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