Bottle mission

Express success

Happy baby, happy mummy

So, not only did we manage to get our temperature right last night and go for 4 hours plus between feeds, twice; we also conquered the express and bottle feed mission.

Little laid back pants merrily took the bottle without question, which was a big releaf and wasn’t really windy after, which I was a little concerned about.

This means Tom gets to feed him this weekend and a potential night off is on the cards in the not too distant future!

We are having a good day so far today and Leo takes after his mum as far as loving being super toasty goes. Whilst it is nice to know the temperature of a room, I also feel it is misleading and you should go by how you feel and how your baby’s skin temperature feels. The thermometer showed 20.1 in the night and I was cold and Leo was layered up and a happy little camper.

We will brave a walk with Sam again this morning and hopefully it will be more successful than last time, I’m just waiting for Leo to wake and have another feed, then we are off.


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