They don’t tell you that in NCT

The thing I’m struggling with the most and the thing they don’t prep you for enough, is just how useless you will be at everything and how there is absolutely no let up.

Your healthy diet, general upkeep and ability to achieve anything more than survival every 24 hours is gone. You assume you will have time to achieve more than just sustaining a growing child and your own basic life functions, but you can’t. Just ‘nipping’ to the shops is now a luxury of bygone times and the thought of flossing my teeth, moisturising myself, working out or sticking to a healthy, well thought out and planned diet is something dreams are made of.

I feel like my teeth are going to drop out of my head, my muscles, other than those used for baby tasks; will whither and die and I might as well just be on a glucose drip, the amount of crap I consume because it’s easy.

The best is that it is 24/7, you don’t even get to go to bed at night and relax. You’re permanently on edge, even when supposedly grabbing a few brief mins (hours if you’re lucky) you are only half resting incase your precious little one needs you.

Despite all of this, looking at our little man makes my heart melt and going into town for a coffee today has won me a medal of honour in my mind,  I even managed makeup! I just can’t wait for my outings to be a more fluid affair and less like the crypton factor. I should have it all sussed in time for the weather to change and pose a whole new set of challenges.


And also, baby wearing!


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