The daily grind

We were home alone today, daddy abandoned us to go back to work.  It’s funny, I never contemplated that Tom wouldn’t be pleased to get some independence back, yet he said he was dreading it and got upset when he was leaving this morning. 😔

I was a little concerned, but then I do have my mum around most days for a bit of respite should I need it, which is great to have in the back of your mind.

The health visitor came to see us, she is pleased with everything and Leo has officially gained his birth weight back and an extra ounce on top. A good 9lb 1oz.

I asked her about my cuddle to sleep concerns and she said whilst he is so small just keep doing what I am doing but around 4 –  6 weeks I need to be working on progressing away from that. Make use of a dummy for soothing to sleep, a suggestion that has been made to me a couple of times now.  I have ordered an orthodontic one in readiness.

I did try putting him down after feeding last night, it was very successful so I didn’t persevere.  I hate the thought of winding him up.

Some interactive time

A cheeky Netflix session

Grandma she-she time whilst I ate my lunch

We also took the reusable nappies for a spin today, we used two and they worked a treat.  Going to have to pluck up the courage to use them out and about though!

Outdoor adventure.. Not impressed!

And another nap and daddy was home!

All is well


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