Self soothing

You hear a lot about self soothing and how, after a bit of pain, you have a baby that can deal with its own emotional state and sleep and waken without requiring parental intervention.

As with everything I come across, I like to do my research. I found an article during a late night feed session last night, discussing why the term self sooth is misleading and can actually be detrimental to your baby’s emotional wellbeing, immediately and in the future; as well as actually affecting the way the brain develops physically. As I always like, it also has scientific research papers to back it, rather than purely anecdotal. I haven’t looked deep into the ins and outs of the research and whether or not the case study is broad enough however.

The conclusion I have drawn is that I won’t be self soothing. Leo is so laid back,  I would never want to do anything to affect that and for the sake of a 20 min cuddle post feed, I’m not prepared to jeopardise that. He isn’t at the age yet where part way through the night waking without requiring a feed is an issue, but when he is we will be using far less intense methods to address it.


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