Another session of good babying!

Last night was a dream. We had some really good runs of sleep and just an hour and a half of awake time around 9pm

I want to start with the clear definition of night and day time so made sure curtains closed and all quiet at 7pm. We managed tea together in the kitchen with the monitor and I made sure not to speak to him or around him at all until 6.30 this morning when we woke up properly and opened the curtains.


We got some proper interaction time today which was lovely, following his little rattle and my fingers with a tigger sock on them.  He’s also getting much better at holding his own head up which is a good step, I think!

I want to introduce some nappy off time soon as it seems such a shame they are constantly covered up and also some tummy time.. Now he’s entertainable, games can be thought up!

He has been fairly unsettled today though which worries me for tonight, he has had really random feeds for very short times.. Not sure why, I’m guessing he has never been that hungry and I should’ve persevered with waking him up properly to feed or getting him to sleep..

He’s now napping, so will see how long that goes on. I can’t imagine my evening will be as it was yesterday however.. Time will tell


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