Good babying Leo

So last night was a good night in the Burgin household. The cluster feeding of the previous two evenings had clearly done the trick on the milk production front and we managed some great sleep runs.

Tom and I managed to have tea together, have a cuddle whilst catching up on some Netflix and then I managed about an hours sleep before next feed. Half an hour feeding was followed by a 20 min settle and 2.5 hrs of sleep.

We then had a feed and a totally awake hour and a half then another run as before. The whole time I managed to keep Tom from having to wake, which was good.

When Leo does his awake time, we are blessed by the fact he doesn’t cry, he just gets grizzly if he is doing one thing for too long as he is wide awake. He spent a good 15mins looking at the fairy lights that I have above his change mat last night, which was super cute and gave my arms a rest..

Fingers crossed we get a run like this until he has his next growth spurt, it makes it bearable!


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