The Night Shift

So tonight Mr Piglet wanted more feeding through the night, and Sarah was really struggling to stay awake and keep him fed and calm. She woke me up and asked if I could soothe him for a while so she could get a proper few minutes sleep at least.

That was 3 hours ago now.

I should probably have gone to bed before now, but it is quite nice just having Señor Pigletino snoozing on me. Not sure if it’s creating bad habits but hopefully not.

During this time, I’ve mostly been watching videos, reading blogs, and cuddling Leo. It’s been a really nice few hours just chilling out.

Today we are going to a breastfeeding clinic, I think because it’s always good to learn more.

Hamster Cheeks has just smushed his face against my arm and his nose is now making squeaking noises. It’s so super cute. Like when he has hiccups, that’s just so adorable.

Stupid babies being all amazing and cute and lovely.


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