So much waste

I decided early on in pregnancy that I wanted to try and reduce environmental impact and a couple of ways to do this was by using reusable wipes and nappies.

I have gone with  cheeky wipes bamboo and minky for wipes and they are brilliant and so easy to use. They come as a kit and have travel packs for when mobile

For nappies, I have opted for the  Bumgenius v4. I have yet to start using them as I feel they introduce an extra level of stress at a time of new, hard situations.  It’s a shame really as I hate seeing all the waste! I am going to aim to start introducing them in the day to begin with so it is easier to cope with and we don’t have to deal with leakage.

I can see why people don’t use them,  disposable just don’t require a huge amount of thought and the key to new baby management is definitely making everything you can as efficient as possible, I just hate that efficiency comes at a price to the environment.

I need to try at least, I’ve spent the money on the kit and it means a lot to me so I can make it happen. I just need to get over the shell shock of being a new parent first!


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