Cluster feeding, whose idea was that?

I thought we had cracked it last night. We managed to calmly bypass the witching hours but we then passed smoothly into the cluster feeding black hole. Every hour ish he was feeding for 20 – 30 mins from midnight to 4ish.. Really tiring and I had to wake Tom at one point just so he could sooth him whilst I went and got food.

It threw me quite a bit as we had kind of got into a routine and then, boom; greedy baby appears.

He then started up again from about 9ish and I found it quite stressful as we had plans. I like plans; I thrive off order, routine, purpose and being on time and it is something that will hinder my state of mind if I don’t learn to let it go.

I was going to cancel plans but pulled my head out my arse and went, regardless of baby protestations and it was great to get out, Leo sat quietly for the whole time and I had my first public breastfeeding experience.

All good, we have just had a couple of good sleep runs so we shall see what the night brings.

Now to sort out a wet bed from a random nappy leakage, all timed perfectly with Tom being out for tea! Typical but people manage far more! I also wore jeans again today for the first time in ages #bliss


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