We are on the move!

Out with my beloved tomatoes at last

My more photogenic properties on display

The wonderful Maa Burgin (Sue, Tom’s mum) bought us a baby carrier as a a baby gift. We decided on the  Ergo 360 and what a great bit of kit that is!

You can carry newborns in it facing forward and as they get older you have front facing, hip and back carrying options. All of these positions can be achieved by yourself too which is great.

The instructions are brilliant, it shows photos of each step and it shows how you should hold baby as you are doing it. It’s really comfortable and we shall have to wait and see whether or not it turns baby into a thermonuclear pastie in the process.

Happy puppy

Lots of cheeky access

Ooh, a face.. I like sniffing faces.

Samuel also casts his vote of approval for the carrier.. Access to mummy again and a chance to investigate this new little package he’s been aware of for a week and not had much involvement with.

Again, a really positive response from him. Was just desperate for a sniff assault so I had to keep a good firm grip of his neck as it was a little hardcore for Leo. Also not the cleanest interaction a week old baby immune system could experience!


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