Acknowledge the darker parts

Although you have a wonderful new life and amazing new adventures await, I also feel like I am experiencing a period of loss experienced.  We’re leaving behind a perfect little life that I feel in control of and we spend every second possible together; making tea, tidying the house, going to the shops, walking Sammy, going  on adventures…. Not so much anymore

I was really feeling it yesterday evening, I still am to a degree today. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t by any means affecting my baby enjoyment, I just miss Tom! I know it will improve when I’m more mobile and we establish our life as a little family..but in the meantime, I reserve the right to miss my beautiful husband too!

As is the norm with us, we discussed it a had some cuddles and it helped me to just get it off my chest. I think it’s important to acknowledge that there are less positive moments as it stops it escalating and removes any stress associated with carrying concerns.

On the plus side, I’m amazed by how quickly my bump is contracting. Top pic is about a week and a half over. Bottom left is the day before my due date and bottom right is today, 1 week +1 day postpartum

Again, the resiliency of the human body amazes me. It’s like my skin has never been stretched as far as it was, I would expect there to be sagging, but nothing!


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