A Week of Daddery

So I’ve done my first week as a dad and it’s all gone pretty amazingly to be honest. I thought it would be a really tough change of life but Leo is a little star and very easy to settle and entertain. Sarah is great with him, letting me sleep at night and feeding him without asking for help unless she really needs a break, and she’s happy to nap during the day to make up for the loss of sleep at night. But as Leo’s been great almost every night, it’s not been a huge task.

Things have been a bit emotional and cuddles have been required on a regular basis for all of us, but that’s to be expected!

Introductions are a little one sided currently

Mostly I’m just totally in love with my little man. I think Sarah is too, she seems to think he’s pretty amazing at least. We’ve been a bit obsessed with LB and a little too unobsessed (genuine word) with one another, so we had a great talk about things over the last 24 hours and made sure we were still on the right track and checking in with one another on a more personal level, rather than what Leo is doing right this minute every minute forever. Good job we’re totally smitten really!

Today was the first adventure into the unknown, or garden as some people call it, with the baby carrier. Maa Burgin very kindly bought us an (inconsistently capitalised) Ergobaby carrier which Sarah carried Leo around in whilst tending to the plants and generally mooching about in the sun (no direct sunshine was involved in the making of this adventure). It went really well, probably as well as it could do in fact, and now I’m looking forward to being able to carry him around myself and getting overly hot. We’ll see!

Hairy boob or baby head? You decide

All in all, the last week has been a wonderful introduction to our new look family (not New Look, I didn’t find them there).

P.S. Here‘s the whole album for the garden adventure. Enjoy!


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