Snüzpod success

Looks amazing
Let’s me see his handsome face

I decided almost immediately after bringing Leo home that the moses basket wasn’t for us.  He would go from totally floppy zonked to angry baby the second I released his weight onto the pathetic attempt of a matress in the basket.

I also knew it wasn’t to do with being separated from me as he would happily go down onto his change mat or our matress and not stir.

The main criteria for the crib to meet was affordable, compact, baby visibility and a matress that supports our sons growing body; which was actually the most important factor.

After a very quick (unlike me) look around we decided the Snüzpod was for us. Stylish, affordable, amazing matress and in stock up the road..

We embarked on our first outing as a family and went to get it. We have erected a fair amount of flat pack furniture recently and Tom was hugely impressed with the build quality and simplicity of fitting so it started well….

… And just got better. Our precious little man absolutely loves it, he settles the way I would expect from him and I am happy his growing body has all the support it needs.

I would recommend this crib to all and I don’t use all of its features!


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