What today has taught us

Cuddles with G-pops
His umbilical has dropped off
He really doesn’t like the wind on his skin

Today has taught me a few things.  I’m pretty happy now that Leo is getting all he needs.  Wet and dirty nappies consistently and his wee wasn’t too strong, showing he is hydrated. He pee’d on me twice!

We fed around the 3 hour mark today and only earlier if he wanted it. Pretty settled after most feeds and did some good snoozing, even had a bit of sauna action with G-pops in the conservatory.

Letting him lead the speed of the feed and just nudge him along rather than hassle seemed to have suited him today, could be coincidence, I am noting the specifics of each feed and post feed outcomes in a great little app so I can clearly see a pattern if there is one. I also fill out my fitness pal so can tie it back to food if necessary.

Air drying stitches is the way forward. It’s made such a difference to my comfort levels over the last couple of days and I now feel like I’m emerging out of the other side.

Breastfeeding stops a hiccup attack, really quickly. You feel so sorry for them when one strikes so it’s great to find something that does work.



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