I’m never happy!

I don’t class myself as a worrier as I don’t get myself in a mess over things, I do class myself as a perfectionist instead. I like to know I am doing something that interests me, to the best possible level I can and I like to know it’s right too.

Now that we are responsible for this amazing new being, in an area we have never ventured into and also has no hard and fast rules, it is raising many questions for me.

Is he getting enough calories?
Is his tongue tie affecting him?
Is he filling his nappies enough?
Is he too laid back?
Why do I always have to wake him to feed?

You can see they are all pretty similar in their nature. He had lost 7% of his weight on Friday which is within parameters, midwife back tomorrow so will see how his weight is going. The proof will most definitely be in the pudding then!

We have have had a couple of feeds since I started drafting this and in that time he had a wee on me whilst nappy was being changed and it was a good colour and quantity; so hydration is good. He also had a poop and that was the required colour and consistency, so it is likely I have nothing to be fussed about. This is so tricky when it involves such a precious little package.


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