Sleep when I’m dead

My daily view
The not so pretty daily view

Said Sarah never! It’s not a secret that I love sleep, in fact it’s a source of amusement to a few. I will merrily go to bed at 8.30 pm and not wake until the same time the next day. I prefer to go to bed early and get up early than vice versa and afternoon naps are like my own little victory against the day, should I achieve one. 

The art of getting to sleep is something I am hugely proud of (yes, I know). I shut my eyes, I’m asleep; that’s it and that is basically the speed that it happens for me.  This is a very useful tool now.

As you may have imagined, the thought of getting no sleep with a newborn has therefore always been quite a worry for me. However, I am actually coping incredibly well.  I’m sure the human body must provide some sort of hormone that enables us to cope better, otherwise, the human race would never have evolved as all newborns would’ve been eaten by their within a couple of weeks!

I really need to make the most of his day sleeps by sleeping myself as it’s nighttime when he cluster feeds if he is going to. It’s just tricky as you start to feel like a milking, nappy changing machine.. Which basically is what you are to start at really, acceptance is the key here!

The man’s role

Apart from the obvious reasons it’s pointless for Tom getting up with every feed, the natural coping mechanism is another reason I don’t want him to get up every time. There is no reason for him to and I’m pretty sure I have read something stating that the coping mechanism of the female isn’t complemented in the male.

I know 100% that Tom would take all the feeds and lack of sleep for me if he could, he is just that good to me all the time and is head over heels in love with us both.

It is now 03:16 and he has been feeding for half an hour.  I have had a blissful 2ish hours kip and I feel blessed!

I would rather have him awake in the day to do things around the house, make food, go shopping, take Leo whilst I have some me time and just be available rather than exhausted.


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