Bathtime bullies

Hmm, no thanks mummy

No Mummy, seriously

We thought we would brave our first bath this morning as Aunty Holly is coming to see us and well, that wrenched on the ol’ heart strings.

To say he hated it would be an understatement and his distress really tore into me, especially as I was causing it. We have spent the last few days gaining his trust, only to put him through the latest horror in his new little life.

He didn’t settle, we had moments where his little dog cloth pacifier helped, but nothing prolonged.. My attempt to sing to him had a temporary affect until I couldn’t sing as I was crying.. It was carnage, he will get to love it and is far from perturbed now

Early morning research

It started of as violent protestations and escalated to a bid for freedom. It constantly amazes me how strong newborn babies are, when they have lived a life of minimal resistance and movement for 9 months. I feel as weak as a lettuce as I haven’t trained for a couple of months!

I was reading into useful feeds and milk production last night, as I feel he uses me as a comforter most of the time rather than actively feeding. The room I feed him in (yes, my toilet haven) has really bright lights,  and one tip I found on  this link was that if the lights are too bright, Baby is more likely to fall asleep feeding as he will keep his eyes closed.

I am also going to wake him to feed every 2 hours, rather than 4, with one or two exceptions at some point in the evening probably. When he is feeding, I will be actively making a point on keeping him on a useful and productive latch, rather than sitting and blogging! This will ensure he is reaching the nourishing hind milk and should increase his appetite/my supply. And, in theory, mean his rest periods are more settled.

We had a sneaky snooze this morning under Tom’s watchful eye. I am terrified of sleeping with Leo on my chest so don’t like to do it, but he was restless, I was shattered and I decided I wanted some skin on skin with my little man… We slept for an hour and a half like this, it was so lovely waking up with his soft little tum on mine and he was all squirmy when we woke him to feed. #littlesmushface


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