It just gets better

So beautiful

It’s funny that you think you love someone with all your heart and each day you fall in love with them a little bit more. Seeing Tom with Leo always makes my heart want to burst.

Leo is smiling lots now which is such an amazing thing to see, this also wrenches at the heart strings. I find my self just watching him now and loving him more and more, he has more awake time too where you can see him absorbing the world around him; just beautiful to see.

Soo lovely
Tummy time with a twist

The weekends are so important to us, we see very little of each other in the week compared to how we used to be that it is basically all out indulgence now. Just the small things mean so much to us, being close to each other and just absorbing the little experiences. Nothing should ever be taken for granted


I need to clean up my act

I have done nothing but eat rubbish for at least the last 4 weeks and it’s getting me down today. There is only so long you can tolerate it without feeling unhealthy.

I need to go cold turkey but I also need alternative snacks that I can just grab rather than have to make as I’m pretty much never in a position to make anything during the day.

I just feel unclean, my skin feels dry, my body feels sluggish and I generally am not enjoying it. We haven’t been eating well at night either as we put Leo into darkness at 7 then it’s a race against time to get to bed. We made a lasagne at the weekend that lasted us until last night and I just threw together a sausage casserole whilst Leo was sleeping in his carrier and that should last a few days.

I really am missing my healthy diet and I can’t wait to get to the point where I can entertain Leo with toys and activity mats whilst I make myself stuff.

We’ll get there I’m sure

Leo the social butterfly

New walking route with our buddy
Hanging in the hammock
Group selfie for daddy
Getting smart for his bitches

It turns out little Leo Burgin is only happy when he is doing stuff. Lunching is one of his favourite past times but sitting around doing nothing definitely isn’t!

We have now swapped cars with dad, his is just that little bit bigger it allows me to fit more than just the buggy in the boot and the passenger isn’t crammed against the dashboard. We took Sammy out to a different walking place on Tuesday which was refreshing and means we can start to build up the distance too, we are going out with Emily and her new dog tomorrow /later today.  Unfortunately, Sammy is a total whinging pain in the car but Leo seemed unbothered by it yesterday; let’s hope that applies to further afield destinations.

We met up with a couple of the NCT girls today and went for a walk in tatton followed by lunch at pizza express. I then went to Wilmslow and met another one of my friends. Leo slept most of the time and only woke for feeds (usually just as I got food!)

Sleep seems to have settled down a bit again. He had a 6.5hr stint last night and we have just managed 5.5 now. Fingers crossed he continues in this manner. Hopefully his tummy is that little bit bigger that he manages to fill himself up a little bit more at each feed, which buys a bit more time!

Cranial osteopathy

I am big into all sorts of therapy, be it massage, acupuncture, physical, chiropractic etc I think they are all invaluable to physical and mental health..

Why should a baby be any different? It’s just been through an incredibly traumatic experience of being squashed, pushed and eventually in Leo’s case, pulled out by the skull until exposed to their brand new world.

My sister used cranial osteopathy on her middle child as he suffered terribly with colic and it can be down to the plates in their head pinching a specific nerve.

Whilst Leo didn’t have a specific complaint, this apparent discomfort whilst asleep bothers me so, for the sake of a trip out and a few quid, I booked him in. The osteopath was impressed with how good his head was after the kiwi suction and labour as long as ours. There was a slight misalignment in his skull but she suspects that most likely occurred when he was turning from the back to back position.

The main area of note was around the sternum area, most likely caused when he went to cry whilst still in the birth canal. She said that this can cause slight tension in the digestive system..

Since treatment he now is really quite adept at bringing his wind up. Previously, if he was going to burp it could take half an hour,  now if he is going to, it’s immediate.

Hungry baby

Check out the chin!

I have finally accepted that the fidgeting and noises at night are down to him being hungry. As much as I would rather not just get an hours sleep between feeds, it is what it is and yet again, acceptance here is key.

The other trap I was falling into was assuming we had a routine established. We didn’t and basically I need to just reset the day every morning and just go with the flow. We are having successful outings now so we are progressing in different ways and that’s what it’s all about.

Tom is in blue!

This morning was Park run. Tom had started doing this pre Leo and he really enjoyed it so we thought we would try get back into it as it’s only up the road and not as if we get a weekend lie in any more!

Tom will eventually run it with the buggy when Leo is stronger. I could threaten to do it I suppose, but running really isn’t my thing… Never say never though I suppose

Little grabby porker

Fat and grabby

So, whilst he was a little monkey in the night expecting his daddy to entertain him for two hours! He has been lovely today, we met my sister and her friend for lunch and then went on to the breastfeeding clinic in town.

Free cake for mummy and a weigh in for chubby chops. He has gone from 9lb 1oz to 10lb 2oz in 10 days; good work LeoB

He is currently having a right good dreaming session on my chest, a regular occurance over the past week or so. Very cute but also annoying when you just want to have a kip.

He is actively grabbing things today and holding on. My straps on my top, my stray bits of hair (ouch) and his play mat toy. This is considerable progress in my mind, I now see how mothers love makes you see everything as a reason to be proud!

The loss of intimacy (or gain of a new kind?)

I have touched on this here before, but I was talking to one of my friends today who has just had a baby and she raised the same point. The first time you have a baby, the impact on your life is unimaginable and I don’t think anything can prepare you for that.

I feel that Tom and I have adapted well, it helps that we have such an incredible relationship and we always talk about our feelings, positive and negative. We have just changed our view on what is intimate and grab any opportunity to have a moment; be it the briefest embrace, stroking of a foot whilst one of us is on baby duty, a quick cuddle when we see each other or before he goes to work,  foot massage whilst I’m feeding etc.  Currently we can’t have it any other way, so making these small things special makes all the difference.

I had my concerns pre birth about how it would affect our relationship, something we discussed a few times so we were prepared. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss us before, but this is the new us and we just get stronger each day and seeing our little man grow is just making it better and better at every step.

The key is the same now as it ever was. Communication, trust, respect and love.. What more could we ask for?

So much sitting

Middle of a field feeding session
Under a tree, post feeding!

For an active person, I think the biggest shock to the system is the amount of sitting involved with a newborn. Even when out doing something active, you still have to do a lot of sitting.

We went to the crocky trail with my sister and her little tribe yesterday. Was a lovely day out but a bit too long, Leo was incredibly grumpy by the end of it and basically had a meltdown in the car on the way home; we had to stop twice and even then he would only settle for a short time.

We had been out from 10am and didn’t get in until almost 4pm. Bearing in mind little man is used to lots of cuddles, I think he was missing those. Lots of cuddles later and we had a happy little lion man again.

Today we have stuck to our routine and he is a happy little bunny now. Possibly coincidence, who knows with babies.

We may have solved the car issue, dad doesn’t like his petrol kia so we will see how it compares to the Clio for space and may just swap for 10months until the clio can be returned without taking the negative equity hit! 👍

It’s all about the weekend

Daddy bonding

It’s been so nice having Tom home again, everything is right then. We can’t have that all the time so we just have to make sure we make the most of the weekends.

Leo did this by having 2 or 3 awake hours after midnight and mummy made the most of the weekend by waking daddy up to deal with it.

We also had a bottle feeding session, it was a love/hate experience for Tom. Whilst loving the bonding experience with his son, he didn’t overly enjoy the feeling of sheer terror associated with holding a little life in your hands whilst they have a bit of a choke!

Excited about his outing
Rocking the hat Aunty Hol bought him
Happy little family
Just some ducks, havin a mooch

Today was spent at the game fair that is held up the road. It was lovely to get out of the house and do something that we would’ve done pre baby.  Leo merrily slept for most of the time and only woke to be fed once, this went down without a hitch, sat on a straw bale.

Latest troubleshooting

For the past few nights, Leo has been making loads of noise for about an hour before waking. I have been leaving him as he hasn’t seemed distressed. Once awake he has been quite frantic for food and is basically a pain to feed. This then means he is wide awake post feeding, which is not what I want. 

I’ve decided to give it a go getting him up when the noise starts. I wake up anyway so it’s no different for the amount of sleep I get… Watch this space

Duvet day

We woke up to torrential rain this morning, forecast to last the entire day. So, we started out with a feed at 6.30 and then back to sleep until 9.30. We then lazed around, ate some doughnuts (me initially) and then had some coffee and sterilised some kit.

My coffee buddy

He managed to nod off in the kitchen to the soothing tones of the extractor, helped by the fact it still wasn’t fully light.

The angle he was at on the bouncer, I could see right up his little nose and it was full of crusty snot, poor little man. This of course was just an invitation to a fidgety mummy to try and remove the obstruction. Well, that turned out more satisfying than I could imagine! This was the result of my toils:

Almost as big as him!

Then we have basically sat and watched spooks on Netflix and slept and posed for photos! Oh, I did sneak a shower in somewhere! 

Prepare for cuteness overload.

Post shower snoozing
And some more snoozing
And some more…
And just when I thought he was awake
Mummy’s frown