Today’s a toughie

First walk with Mr P
Part of Mr P!

Today was walk day. We want to get Sammy (our springer) involved more now and thought walking them both would be a good intro for Sam getting used to an extra body in the equation.

That went really well, Sam shows a bit of interest in babba but doesn’t seem stressed by the addition into his world.  He’s had a sniff and heard him cry too and again, nothing negative at the min so we are going in the right direction.

Pretty eyes time
Garden chillout
Fatty feet
Baby workout

We also had a bit of sunshine today so got a bit of time in the garden. Little man was in his car seat for a few mins so we could sit and relax and also try and get some of this God awful swelling out of my feet.

Milk and blues

After starting the day of pretty happy, regardless of sleep deprivation, I have started to feel slightly less exhilarated than I have been. I can feel the milk coming in and I don’t feel blue as such, just a bit bored of not just being able to do things and being uncomfortable!

Leo is still being an absolute superstar though and that’s all I really care about. He does everything how he is meant to and responds positively to everything we do with him. We feel really blessed that he is so chilled out, let’s hope it’s a sign of the person he is going to be, just like his pa.

The midwife is happy with him too, he has lost 7% of his birthweight which is acceptable and she is impressed by his feeding. My stitches are also apparently doing well and the prickly feeling I get is off the little loose ends of stitch.. Ouch!


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