Everything is awesome!

Baby cuddles are awesome

So now I’m a dad. That’s pretty awesome just saying it, but as I’ve not blogged for a million days again I thought I’d start with the obvious.

So let’s recap on what you’ve missed. Leo arrived after 59 hours of labour, on Monday (fair of face,  get in, supermodel ninja astrophysicist baby) 27th July at 0545. Sarah is recovering well and being an amazing mum. And I’m fine too.

Labour for me was exhausting. I never wanted to sleep in case Sarah needed me at any point, and it was emotional to the point of breaking. Seeing her in so much discomfort was awful, exacerbated by the fact that it went on for so long. I was mostly positive about the whole situation, supporting Sarah as best I could, but there were a few whole hours where I just felt totally useless.

The low point was when we had moved into the birthing suite and Sarah was being monitored. I couldn’t get in position to help her out at all with our practised hypnobirthing, so was only able to speak to her. I was however able to sit and assess what was happening and pull myself out of feeling useless and get on with supporting Sarah as best I could. Thankfully this wasn’t too long before Leo arrived.

Hearing tests are awesome

I cried quite a lot. I cried when he arrived because it was such a relief to have everyone okay and the labour finally over and the look of pure smushface on Sarah’s tired but happy face. I cried when I couldn’t do enough to help Sarah and she gave me a cuddle, I’m sure she was the one going through labour.

Breakfast is awesome!

I guess the last thing to address is my wife. She was incredible in every way, and I feel like we bonded like we always have and at the same time on a whole new level. My love for Sarah is pure and deep and easy, and now that’s expanded to my little bundle of Leo. I could not be happier.

The whole thing has been a roller coaster of love and cuddles. It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. It’s everything I could have ever wanted.


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