What I thought was transition

At 7am on Sunday 26th, I thought I had experienced some sort of transition of labour.

I had a huge surge of some sort of hormone and I felt unbelievable euphoria . This huge wave of emotion spread over my entire body and it was an incredible feeling, it brought with it tears of such uncontrollable happiness that I kept having to explain to the midwife that I wasn’t in pain, far from it, I felt incredible.. It gives you a feeling as is something soothing is going all around your body,  brain, internal organs and coating it in liquid fluff.  The feeling of the surges changed too, from upwards contractions to a deep downwards movement, hence the reason I thought it was just a random type of transition.

But… In hindsight, what it actually was more likely to be was my body prepping me for the intensity that was about to confront me in the form of my body trying to rotate my Occiput posterior (back to back) baby, so that he was Occiput anterior which is better.

Then those bad boys started. If you are worried about reading this as you plan to have a baby at some point, please don’t be.  Whilst the start of this paragraph sounds like it’s going to put an end to human reproduction, I promise you that reading on you will realise it is actually positive.. It was only my lack of understanding and frustration at the fact I wasn’t progressing that skewed my thoughts at the time.

I think what I thought was transition, was in fact my body was giving me a huge OD of natural pain killers in prep for something that it needed to do but wasn’t going to be overly comfortable. I think if I had understood this at the time, gone with it for longer and hadn’t later insisted on them examining me for progress, I would’ve stayed in a euphoric state, full of natural painkillers provided to me by my ever capable body; then I wouldn’t have been so tried. As it was, the news I had made no progress from 2cm in so many hours just flawed me and I got angry and agitated, which in turn killed the prep my body had done and then I will continue with this story in a different post, as this was about what I thought was transition.

So, whatever it was, it was bloody brilliant; a feeling I wish I could bottle and sell as I would be minted.. It was one of the most incredible sensations I have ever experienced and just another compounding moment in my ongoing realisation of how staggering our bodies are and the insane capabilities that we have, without any conscious interference, to just get things done.

I have a mountain more respect for human life again, and I was already of the opinion it’s amazing at that point anyway. How we have evolved, without conscious intelligence, to be so utterly amazing, blows my mind constantly and I only wish more people could see it the way that I do as I fear it more often than not, is totally taken for granted!


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