It’s ramping up!

Sat 25th –  evening –  So we went to bed about 10ish with contractions about 15mins apart, although they stopped after tea for around 45mins. I managed about an hour and a half of semi broken sleep with contractions and then they became quite intense so I woke Tom up.

Sunday 26th 4am ish – They then suddenly went to every 3 mins out of the blue so we came into the hospital. They assessed me and I was 2cm dilated so a little further on but they wanted to send us home until the contractions were 3 mins apart and more than 45 seconds… That’s what they were when we came in so they decided we should stay from then as booked in for induction.

We are currently in a side room on the ward and the contractions are still coming, and strong at that. It’s testing me already so christ knows what I will be like when the full whoppers come in. I really want to sleep too but they are too intense when on my back so can’t really, finding a position I’m comfortable with is proving a little tricky, it seems to be standing up at the min but I am going to be exhausted if I intend on standing up for the next who knows how many hours!

We can’t go into the birthing centre now as my waters broke over 24 hours ago so Im being classed as higher risk unfortunately, but the rooms don’t seem to have bothered me unduly so I’m not fussed.

Typing this in between contractions which seems crazy but it’s a great distraction and I want to be able to look back through it. Tom is in the process of running me a bath at the moment, see if I can be comfy in that. All I really want to do is sleep if I’m honest, tricky when standing up!


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