Home again

Sat 25th early hours (not sure on timing!) So monitoring went well and the midwife did a check and isn’t worried about the bleed. Cervix only just starting to dilate, but she said the monitor is showing contractions every 6 mins.. Shows what I know, I was convinced they were every twenty.

As my waters have broken, we will have to go back in for 8 tomorrow morning for ‘progression’.. So induction basically. This will mean that I have to stay in the ward and it wouldn’t be in the birthing centre, but I have already made peace with that anyway. Being in the hospital didn’t stress me out in the slightest and there was also a woman in another cubicle making quite a moaning and crying racket which didn’t bother me either. In fact, I found myself analysing the noises she was making and deducing that she was making the whole experience incredibly hard for herself and was clearly quite stressed. We will see if I still hold that opinion once I go into full on labour.

So today is about stocking up, chilling out and hoping we make good progress..


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