He’s on his way

Saturday 25th July : He is officially on his way naturally! I started with back ache late morning yesterday when I went shopping. I thought it was a strange as my back has been brilliant throughout, not wanting to face the disappointment that I have been for the last couple of weeks, I tried to dismiss it.

It was achey through the day and I just slept and carried on as normal. Tom went out for a couple a hours with his NCT buddies and I noticed some discomfort radiating through my perineum, again, not wanting to think anything just marked it down as coincidence and got on with watching some telly.

Just before Tom came home the sensation changed considerable and I dared to let myself think it may be starting, no bloody show though so tried to not get my hopes up.

Tom came home and read one of our hypnobirthing scripts to me and this was when I knew for defo we were on as the sensation intensified considerably and I could almost feel the muscles of my uterus rippling and baby B was going nuts and all his weight pushing hard into my cervix.

This has gone  on through the night, I have managed to sleep pretty well and recorded the surges when I have been awake enough. My waters have started to go and I have had a bloody show.. So, although this stage could take quite some time, we are on and our beautiful little baby is on his way!


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