Baby steps

Sat 25th –  some point in the day!  So the contractions are still coming regularly, we think they may be a bit closer but it’s hard to tell as I’m missing some of them I think. The intensity is gradually increasing and the most comfortable position currently is sitting on floor and leaning back on Tom.

This is one of the least helpful positions I believe, but currently my uterus is working to dilate my cervix rather than pushing baby down so I’m hoping it’s not delaying things a huge amount.

We have been for a little walk with Sam, being stood up when a surge comes in is amazingly uncomfortable as I feel like the weight of my bump is stopping everything contracting properly. I have also made some more Blondies to munch on throughout and now we are binge watching Homeland on Netflix.

Tom seems to have developed one of his migraines he gets which is rubbish timing, he has slept a bit this morning and it’s eased it a little.. Last thing we need is our birth partner out of the game!


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