And still no Baby!

Sunday 26th early morning –  I’m convinced we went through transition at 7am this morning, I will write another post just about that though as it deserves it’s own! At that point I really felt the end was in site, contractions were coming thick and fast and the feel of it had changed from pulling up to pushing down…  Not for long, then they just ground to a halt.

Some women can have a rest phase post transition, but mine has lasted around 7 hours now with what appears to pretty much no progress.

I had a good cry about an hour ago as it is so hard to stay strong for each surge when you feel like it’s pointless. I was also expecting to have been induced by now but there aren’t any spare rooms on the delivery ward, more higher risk people have been placed ahead.

Plus side of that is that there is no infection (they did my bloods) baby and I are both still doing just fine, so are pretty low on the risk scale for that side of the ward…


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