Still no Baby B!

I thought I would give reflexology a try yesterday, there is a lady with a great track record for induction. It was a great experience and baby B was without a doubt on some sort of mission for a fee hours after, he then clearly gave up on his bid for freedom and went back to sleep. So here we are again, another morning with no bundle of joy.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon bouncing on my ball and walking with Tom and Sammy but little boy B is definitely happy and cosy in his mummy pouch! I’ve pretty much resigned myself now to it being an induction birth and I am concentrating on creating the most positive experience for us all as possible.

I read a great article by a lady who had planned a hypnobirthing experience and her little lovely put the stall on that and she had to be induced. She treated her whole experience as if it was natural and worked around the drips and the expected more intense labour and she still managed with only gas and air and felt like she still experienced the birth they had wanted.

It’s slightly different here as we will have the pessery first and then we have persuaded the hospital to let us go home and start off the labour in our own environment, so really it’s just like a jump start for now and then we will just take each step as it comes and deal with it in the way we planned. I know our chosen hospital are really supportive of keeping everything natural, so I’m not worried they will unnecessarily intervene, which is a great feeling to have.

We’ll see, he does have 4 more days to get a move on so you really don’t know!

#babyboyburgin #induction #hypnobirthing


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