Sweep fail

So the wait still continues. We had our term + 7 appointment at the hospital yesterday and the midwife was lovely. She said we were out of the area for an outpatient induction unfortunately, which would mean I would be trapped on an open ward from the moment I went in for the pessary, until I gave birth.

As everyone who knows me knows, induction really was the one thing I was hoping to avoid, especially as there is this discrepancy with dates; I thought I was due 6 days later than my dating scan. So having the double whammy delivered to me that I wouldn’t even be able to begin my labour at home really upset me, and I cried on the midwife!

I’m sure she sees it all the time, but I did feel pretty pathetic when, in reality, it’s not that big a deal compared to what some women suffer through. Anyway, the outcome was that I could be an outpatient if I could guarantee that I could be back in the hospital in half an hour should I need to be. Tom was pretty confident that that could happen, the induction is on a Sunday and it is also school summer holidays which makes a ridiculous difference to the traffic.

She also attempted a sweep, which I had psyched myself up for and she couldn’t do it as my cervix is still closed. It’s shortened and coming forward so that’s a good sign but still unable to access it to do a sweep.

I have tried to get an appointment with the community midwife for another attempt but that isn’t going so well.

There is a reflexology lady that has been recommended to us by our hypnobirthing instructor so I will be calling her today too to see if she can fit anything in..

He basically has 5.5 days to show his face now before they intervene.. So everything but legs crossed for this one!

#babyboyburgin #pregnancy #induction #comeonalready


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