The Waiting Game

So Sarah seems to be doing her best to hold baby in. Not that this is a bad thing of course, we’d just kinda like to meet him at some point soon. Like maybe 4 days ago. I dunno, kids these days, never turning up when you expect them to.

In the mean time, I have been entertaining myself by working from home thanks to my awesome boss. This has mostly worked well other than our internet connection being flaky to the point of unusable. I really need to get the in laws onto FTTP so they can benefit by me having faster internet.

Mostly this week however I’ve just been wanting to meet my son. It’s been interesting seeing other people from our NCT group change from expectant to actual parents, and it’s also been very interesting seeing how I’ve changed from perfectly happy waiting for baby to arrive to no you actually need to come now because I need to get on with being a great father. So yeah, you could say I’m quite looking forward to meeting him.

The only thing now is to learn how to do anything at all with a baby. It’s going to be a great experience trying to figure out which way up they should be. But that’s easy, right?


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