Maybe I was right!

Since having my dating scan at 12 weeks, I’ve been adamant that they got my dates wrong. I tracked everything on an app down to the exact dates of ovulation etc and worked it out to the 19th.  I know they have done huge amounts of research and the 12 week dating scan is the most accurate measure that they have found,  but the fact that we are almost a week out in the calculations has bothered me.

I was hoping it wouldn’t get to the point that it would need to be discussed, but as each day ticks by as a no show, it is looking more and more likely that I will be having the induction conversation.

I have my term + appointment at the hospital on Monday, which is the 20th. At this point I would imagine they will want to perform a sweep and then book me in pretty quickly for a pessary and then a drip.

This is what I whole heartedly want to avoid. I have trusted my body to do what it needs to do throughout this entire pregnancy and it it has done it brilliantly, with pretty much no disruption to me in the slightest. Every measurement and checkup has been perfect and I have pretty much breezed through it all. It just seems so wrong to lose faith in it now!

You can refuse an induction date, it’s your body at the end of the day, the only concern is the chance of the placenta degrading after a certain date increases. I am a low risk pregnancy so they may be more receptive, the only downside is the fact I am 35 so the placenta is more prone to degradation anyway. They do make you go in daily for checks (not sure what these are) to ensure baby isn’t distressed, but I don’t know how reliable these are.

We would need to be discussing it with one of the obstetricians next week I would imagine and just hope we have one that is open minded and supportive.

I feel like my body is still doing everything it should, I’m having practice cramping every night and he is engaged, my bump has dropped, I’m totally chilled out and good to go.. Why lose faith in it now!?

I spent the day yesterday preparing chilli free Mexican food (breast feeding proof) and sunbathing in my hammock, which was amazing and the only item of furniture I can easily get out of now as you just roll sideways and tip yourself out!

We are off to the beach today, Tom took a sneaky day off as he decide that I was starting to go a little stir crazy just waiting and it would be nice to do something together. Just waiting for the traffic to die down and then we are off.

He will probably decide today is a good day to appear as we are further away from home than we have been for weeks!


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