Moving In

Today is the first day in a month that Sarah and I have woken up in our own bed. As much as it’s not been that much of a hardship living elsewhere in the house, even with Baby B due…well, today…it’s such a nice feeling waking up in our own little space again.

Sammy, wonder dog and prince of mischief, is back with us, and he spent most of last night giving us cuddles. Really have missed having him around in the evenings.

So now all we need is our other bundle of mischief. As an aside, I really can’t type mischief correctly first time. Baby B is showing some possible signs of turning up, and also possibly some signs of not turning up. Apparently that’s not something we’re very good at predicting just yet. Stupid science, why haven’t you solved everything yet?

Had a great weekend anyway, actually did some manual labour which always makes me feel awesome and useful. In reality, it frustrates me because it’s not something I’m exactly experienced with, but I’m working on getting over that and just getting on with stuff to see how it turns out.


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