Back to back naughtiness

I’ve just been to the midwife for my last appointment and everything is good, my blood pressure is up but it is still pretty low; mine has just been really low throughout pregnancy but the midwife wasn’t concerned.

He is head down and 50% engaged which is great, but he has scooched his naughty little ass round to be back to back. The midwife isn’t concerned, he still has plenty of time to move and she only really checked as I asked as I thought he had.

I am convinced it’s because I have been chilling out with my feet up! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bit disheartened as he has been in the correct position for ages. I am currently kneeling on my bed and letting myself deal with this and then I will work on being positive again.

So, the kneeling and bouncing commences!


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