The glamour of a mum to be

A nice eclectic mix of yesterday’s activities, however, the glamour I was talking about was attended to the fishy aroma emanating from our dog! 

His morning consisted of a run with his pops, a nice relaxing brush from his mum and then a relaxing anal gland drainage to top it off. What more can a puppy want?

Other than that, yesterday I had quite a productive day. Hubster requested Mexican food for tea so I set to making baked enchiladas from scratch, including making my own corn tortillas. The only thing I didn’t do was grind my corn, crush my tomatoes or milk the cows to make my own cheese!

I made my own enchilada sauce, refried beans and chilli beef filling. Wow, it was tasty! I wont however, be bothering making corn tortillas ever again. Totally not worth the effort.

Oh, and I also had my toes done in prep for the summer and me being able to see them again!


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