And relax…

Since my initial meltdown about having to go through birth (I was only a few weeks pregnant) I have gone out of my way to embrace the experience and relax.

This lead me down the path of hypnobirthing, acupuncture and meditation and it has turned me around completely. I’ve gone from the initial, common place, media induced misconception that child birth is a chore that we have to suffer, scream and sweat through to seeing it as an amazing experience, one that we, as a family, will have the honour of experiencing together.

I am now actively looking forward to helping our baby into the world, I feel like the experience will be another step in our adventure that just brings Tom and I closer and closer and now we get to share it with our very own little creation.  I can’t wait for us to take on the privilege of experiencing this.

Since becoming interested in health, fitness and nutrition, I have been consistently amazed by the processes carried out constantly and gracefully by our bodies without our conscious involvement. It just gets on with dealing with all that we throw at it; toxins, contamination, overload, to name but a few.  All of this is dealt with by incredibly well oiled and exact mechanisms to mop up the mess, repair the damage and keep us well and alive.

Yet another one of these processes is reproduction. How our bodies just get on with it, with very little overhead (for most) on the woman’s body from start to finish and this includes giving birth. Understanding the process that the body works through in order to bring a baby into this world in a manner that is safe for both mother and child, makes embracing the experience so much easier and way more exciting! Actually playing a conscious part in helping that process along for a change is something I really can’t wait to do!


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